Sweet Snoopers DVD plus Lessons CD


If you want to train a medical alert dog for yourself or a family member, this DVD course with printable lesson plans and videos will set you on the right path.

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This course is designed to teach you and your dog the world-renowned training methodology of Debby Kay’s Super Sniffer® Program. Debby’s program is hailed as one of the most reliable scent detection programs available and now it is being offered as a DVD for your convenience.

Debby shares her experience and knowledge to you with with videos, lesson plans you can print, training journal pages and a training checklist, and other resources and tips you can use to train your dog to be a medical alert dog.

The 28 lessons are divided into eight modules, leading you step by step to your goal. No team works at the same pace, so you’re encouraged to make sure your dog is up to speed before moving on.

Videos are in English; complete printable lesson plans are provided in French, Italian, and Spanish on the accompanying CD.

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