DebbyandOcelotDebby Kay has been a leading professional in the field of scent detection work since 1969. She is a pioneer in many new applications of the incredible power of the dog’s nose which led to the development of her internationally recognized Super Sniffer Program. Debby believes passionately in the dog’s ability to enrich the lives of people they live with and has worked with individuals, businesses, governments and institutions to educate and promote the positive power of the Super Sniffer® program.

Debby Kay’s background as a speaker, teacher and course developer is not limited to dogs. Her work with the government has given her insights into the most effective ways animals and people learn, leading to her distinctive and highly praised presentations. For a complete speaker’s résumé, look here.

The training facility was set up to complement the philosophy of the Super Sniffer® Program, and many students and visitors comment how inviting and relaxing the learning environment is here. While stress is not conducive to learning, the right kind of stimulation will open both the dog’s mind and the student’s mind to many new and exciting learning possibilities. See and learn more here.