Super Sniffer® Scent Games



Want to fine-tune your skills in the scenting sports?

Want to get started in tracking? Want to just have fun seeing what your dog can do with his nose? Then Scent Games is the book you need.

From the back cover of Super Sniffer® Scent Games:

Tests involving a dog’s sense of smell are one of the fastest growing areas of competitions today. They are fun for dogs and people alike, the training is fun and easy, and no fancy equipment is necessary. Scent
Games not only offers invaluable training advice for participating in these events but has challenging new games to keep you and your dog’s skills sharp. It is one book you must have for your collection.

Debby Kay has been a pioneer in many areas of scent detection work. Her highly acclaimed Super Sniffer® program has been taught in over 20 countries around the world. Here are what some top experts have to say:

“From a master on scent detection, Scent Games is more than training, it is a wonderful way to develop the human-animal bond. The dogs have to think on their own. With this kind of training, you can go to whatever level you want to achieve.”
—Mark Hines, Kong® Lead Behavior and Training Specialist

“Give your dog a break from boring obedience commands, and let them use their instincts! Debby Kay now shows everyone how to develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities in a fun and practical format. She takes the mystery out of scent detection training. and brings it to the everyday pet owner. 5 barks!”
—Camilla Gray, author of Lipstick on a Leash and owner of Dairydell Canine

“All our dogs and handlers had a blast trying out the scent games with Debby Kay. Can’t wait to play some more.”
—Joan Dandy, owner of Dandy Dog Training

– Understanding Scent Like a Dog
The Super Sniffer® Program
– Building Scent Memory
– The Trained Alert
Sample Management and the Three “C”s
– Contamination
– Containers
– Content
The Scent Wheel
Teaching the Room Search Pattern
– Follow My Hand
– Follow the Seam
Outdoor Area Searches
– Above Ground
– Below Ground
The Games
– Understanding the Games and Getting the Most from Them
Discrimination Games
Tracking Games
– Teaching Article Identification for Scent Games
– Introducing Cross Tracks
– Outdoor Tracking Games
– Indoor Tracking Games
Water Games
Collected Pro Tips
About the Author

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