eBook—Super Sniffer® Drill Book


Valuable training drills in a downloadable PDF version of the Super Sniffer® Drill Book.


Super Sniffer® Drill Book e-book is the student digital workbook to accompany Debby Kay’s Super Sniffer® Workshop. The book contains details of all the training drills—from basic to advanced—that you and your dog will need to become proficient at detector work. Students love the troubleshooting section and ProTips included in every drill. You’ll also find safety and first aid issues, resources and more than 30 illustrations and photographs to make this a valuable resource.

This eBook is in PDF format, a page-by-page version of the physical book.

NOTE: Several of our customers report that they can open the PDF, but once they close the file, it disappears from their device. We think that your device is opening the PDF via the internet and has NOT actually downloaded it to your device. Once you can view your PDF, be sure to save it to your device before closing. Our system is set up to only allow one download per purchase. Naturally, if this happens to you, we’ll make it right, but it does create some delay because actual humans have to get involved.


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