Seminars & Workshops

Experience the Learning, Learn from Experience

Learn Debby’s amazingly simple yet powerfully motivating program that produces top detector dogs around the world! Have fun! Sniffing is for everyone. Call us today to discuss some of the options available for this exciting and flexible program. Instructor and professional courses are available by special arrangement. Below are three of our most popular course offerings.

Super Sniffer® Basic Scent Detection Workshop Want to prepare for the newest competition sport that is rocking the dog world? This is the workshop for you. You will learn all the basic skills to teach your dog to alert to any odor you want; anything from truffles or termites to tea tree oil. Using Debby’s proven,scientifically based methodology is easy and fun for you and your dog. There is no age limit for starting a dog; everyone can learn. Clubs or private groups can book this full-day workshop at their location. Limited workshops or private consulting are offered at our WV facility, which you can learn more about here. Check here for upcoming events.

Super Sniffer® Medical Alert Dog Seminar for Trainers Many experts have acclaimed Debby’s highly popular 2-day seminar for trainers as the best seminar they have ever attended. Packed full of details on how to add this specialized detection work to the offerings of your business or non-profit, this seminar provides everything you will need to get started. Your group can book this 2-day event at your location or limited events are offered at our WV facility also. Check here for upcoming dates.

Super Sniffer® Trainers Course   By popular demand, Debby is now offering an intense 5-day opportunity for those trainers serious about scent training . Offered annually, at our facility for a limited number of pre approved professional trainers only. All work will be at Chilbrook Kennels and in the near by cities of Charles Town & Harpers Ferry, WV. You will have ample opportunity to practice and learn all the nuances of the Super Sniffer® methodology. There is a college level text book required for the course.  Time is divided between lecture and hands on working with dogs. All aspects of all types of scent detection training is covered in this course. Students are provided with meals and lodging with us to make this a full immersion training experience. Past students from places as far away as Australia and Switzerland have acclaimed this course to be among the best offered anywhere.  Submit your request to be included in the next offering by email please. Accepted for CEUs for professional recertification.